“I AM”…The Word

Through this first chapter of John, God revealed to me His true character as “The Word”. The beginning of this chapter starts in the beginning… “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God” (John 1:1). The term Word is used in reference to Jesus. It was […]

The “I Am” of 2016

As the new year was approaching, I had just come to a fresh  perspective after taking a leap of faith to journey to California for what I didn’t know would be a month of God realigning my expectations. Coming “home” with such motivation to be faithful to the Lord in what He was calling me […]

Perspective-a gypsy for my Lord

I’ve hesitated a bunch on writing a blog about this trip or “move” to California. Mostly because I haven’t really understood the complete reasoning behind it from the beginning. I have let God lead and sensed Him leading me here for the time He would show me. I made mistakes in how I explained it […]

Greek Word Study

God really spoke to me tIhis morning through a word study of a passage of scripture I have many times read over without noticing. Philippians 4:5..”let your reasonableness be known to everyone…” This was from the ESV translation, I then read it in the CEB translation and it says, “let your gentleness be known to […]

…..Passionately Failing

Our human nature is to be competitive. We want to be better than our neighbor, friend, sister, etc. We feel less than and lacking when someone is better in something than us. We become jealous. A few weeks ago, I was talking with a young gal who was upset with her brother because he was […]

Just another day in the life….with Jesus.

You know that feeling when you’ve won a game and you’re on your way home, or you’ve gone on vacation and had such a refreshing time and you’re on the plane home? You are SO happy and refreshed and can’t wait to get home and share it with everyone. Well this morning I was thinking […]