The “I Am” of 2016

As the new year was approaching, I had just come to a fresh  perspective after taking a leap of faith to journey to California for what I didn’t know would be a month of God realigning my expectations. Coming “home” with such motivation to be faithful to the Lord in what He was calling me into, I felt lacking in a very important aspect. I felt as though the Lord was in front of me and before me but not tangible. I felt I knew all about God all the right things of the way I was to live but was lacking the actual substance in which to move forward in my walk with Him. As the new year came my church invited me into a fast where we dedicate the year ahead with 21 days of fasting and seeking His face. As I set out to do this I sensed the Lord wanted to bring me into Himself. I decided to read through the book of John because it’s one of my favorites especially in it’s description of who Jesus is. As the Holy Spirit spoke to me through this fast and made Himself more real to me in His presence I was inammered by The “I Am”. As I sought out all that the “I Am” is I found Him. I would love to invite you into this journey as I share my findings. Please join me for a monthly study this year as I dive into knowing the great “I Am”, beginning in February with the first  chapters of John and culminating with the last chapters in December. I don’t by any means think of myself as a Bible scholar but would just seek to encourage some and welcome and greatly appreciate any and all feedback!


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