Just another day in the life….with Jesus.

You know that feeling when you’ve won a game and you’re on your way home, or you’ve gone on vacation and had such a refreshing time and you’re on the plane home? You are SO happy and refreshed and can’t wait to get home and share it with everyone. Well this morning I was thinking about Jesus and the cross and my faith. I was thinking about how when Jesus died on the cross, He won the battle I fight everyday with sin. He made everything right. Then I was thinking about how I feel throughout life when I get caught in my sin and don’t see the “light” at the end of the tunnel, even though it’s there. I believe the lie that there’s no “light” at the end of the tunnel and that I’m stuck. Then through Jesus and His Holy Spirit through friends and mentors I am reminded that Jesus is the only way out. I struggle and I fight and I think I’ll get this all right and fix myself and be “perfect” for Jesus, because after all He saved me so it’s the least I can do. So I muster up all my strength, which isn’t much and I press on towards being perfect. About 1/3 of the way to where I think I’m going to be perfect I realize that this is really hard, I hear thoughts like “see you can’t be perfect, you might as well give up now, what the point of trying?” then I recognize those as Satan and continue on fighting. I get a little, and by little I mean maybe one step closer, to being to the halfway mark of where I believe I will be “perfect” and again my thoughts are, “this is never going to happen” and I pop open that can of soda and eat that candy bar…and just keep trying…well something happens as I lay exhausted on the couch and overwhelmed with thoughts of, “is this really the life I was meant to live? Is this really what being a Christian(following Christ) is all about?” Then I process through my thoughts with a few close friends…I talk about all my hurts and hang-ups and how I can’t freaking get to the “finish-line” it’s overwhelming me! Almost haunting me! As this daunting task that’s going to keep starring me in the face and laughing as I try harder and harder to attain it and don’t get much closer. My friends encourage me and say what I have heard so many times, “Jesus”. I hear it and I think “yes, Jesus, of course, He’s the answer to everything in our Christian lives” then I think, “I don’t get it, why, if He is the answer and I label myself a Christian and believe He is The Way, am I stuck?” Then it dawns on me. HE is THE WAY. HE WON THE BATTLE! Then I think, “wait a second, then what do I do? This is really uncomfortable…” and I hear His still small voice say to me, “I already did it, just trust ME”. So much peace! I can’t describe it or explain it or even theologically understand it all but friends it is GREAT! This is a journey and I’m only at the beginning but had to share…we’re not home yet, but HE already WON 🙂 


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