Do we chose this world or Jesus?

There have been a lot of things on my mind lately. I have just felt burdened by things I have observed in our culture and in my life that I am pressed to see change. Yesterday I went to the church I grew up in for Mother’s Day with my mom and family. I just picked up on a few things that really burdened me but first there was something that I did realize and that I seem to pick up on in any church at certain times. There is a power in unity and praise to God. There is such a deep and real sense that we were created to worship God in unison and from the deepest parts of our hurts and souls. I sensed this yesterday during worship and it was good. The sad thing that burdened me though was how many distractions there seemed to be from God. It is saddening because church was created for the Lord’s people to praise Him and be equipped in Him to serve the world. I feel like there are so many things about the cultural of the church as a whole now that has become about us and how we can “get” from the church. Interestingly, the sermon yesterday was about giving and how God created us to give. This is so true. The sad thing was the way that the pastor ended the sermon was by asking the congregation to be “compelled” by God to give money to the church to buy the “newest” sound equipment and redo another church to match the décor of the current church. I was at minimum appalled at this. It made me sick. The worst part was that the pastor went on to say we are not ashamed of this! I don’t know how the church has gotten to this point to where we have become worldly and concerned with the newest “operating systems” and the cool décor to attract people. Aren’t we missing the point of church! Isn’t it Jesus Christ who died for our sins and gave His life as a ransom and example to us of how to live! Isn’t He enough?! It seems not in the church today. Why are we created buildings and becoming obsessed with what they look like and spending so much money on them in order to “attract” the unsaved? Why aren’t we spending this money to help the widows and orphans?! Why aren’t we holding church outside or in different people’s homes? The church is people. The temple in the Old Testament was the building that held God’s presence and that’s what made the temple or “building” a significant place. Now Jesus’ presence lives in us and we(Christians) house His presence and the Bible says that where two or more gather there He is. Why have we gone back to a building? Are we becoming like the Pharisees of which God once spoke of as “white-washed” tombs? This may all sound critical and harsh but that is not my heart. My heart is full of passion for Jesus Christ to have a place in the church again and I am so saddened that He is losing His place. We are His bride. We are to find all we need in Him and I am feeling more and more as if we are looking for that and leading others to look for that in the wrong places. I know deep down there is going to come a day when the physical walls of what we call “the church” will all crumble and we will be once again left with Jesus and His Holy Spirit as was so before and after Jesus died. At this time we as a culture, if we don’t stop putting our efforts into adorning the churches and instead in adorning our Savior and in that receiving everything we need for life and godliness we will be completely lost when this times comes again as history repeats itself. Let us listen now! Let us hear His voice beckoning us to stop being of this world and let us come together in the real of our homes where things are always pretty and perfect and where there may not be room for everyone and where many will have to rise up and hold “services” times of church, meeting together with one heart cry to know our Father and to be equipped by His gospel!


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